61st YEAR making DOUGH

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  1. CrisTenazas says:

    i hope you can have a franchise here in the Philippines..Would love and been dying to try one of your uber-famous donut.. :P

  2. Darren says:

    Yes, I’m biased. I was born in Inglewood at Daniel Freeman hospital, raised in Southern California, and tasting donuts from other places, Randy’s is by far the best. Really great coffee too!

    I hope to visit as soon as I can to have an apple fritter, and a cup of really good joe.

  3. Nearma says:

    Randy’s donuts are the Bomb I’m from Inglewood

  4. Ryan says:

    Randomly stopped here on my way to LAX. I had a chocolate bar, a glazed & a apple fritter. My roommate was all about the fritter, I had the glazed and chocolate bar and they were by far, the best doughnuts I’ve ever had! The glaze and chocolate was delicious & not overly sweet. It’s all about the d.. ough ;) Sooo good! If there’s anyone who knows good candy and sweets it’s a diabetic. You can trust this diabetic, these doughnuts are to die for! Ha, wink wink :)

  5. michelle lipscomb says:

    Do u guys deliver out of state like if I order some donuts from you guys do u ship out of state.

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